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Stone carving is a noisy process, so after many years spent in the shop I understand how important is to protect your hearing. I decided to open a small business beside my art work to provide Industrial Hearing Testing here in Campbell River and Port McNeaill. The location is Campbell River Hearing Clinic, 780-E, 13th Ave. This is the first in-house industrial testing place in Campbell River.

It is important to protect your hearing to be able to communicate and build relationships with other people, especially those closest to you. I know you can get hearing aids but it is never the same as a good hearing - I do experience it.


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If any work environment exposes workers to noise levels greater than 85 dB (averaged over an eight-hour shift), an employer is required to develop and implement a hearing conservation program, which must include hearing testing.

Average noise levels of several common work environments:

  • Carpenter, Framer 91 dBA
  • Welder 88-94 dBA
  • Autobody Technician 90 dBA
  • Mechanic 87 dBA
  • Faller 102 dBA
  • Electrician in Construction 89 dBA
  • Truck Driver 86-98 dBA
  • Music Teacher 86 dBA
  • Nightclub 91-115 dBA

Depending on your work environment and hearing needs, I can help you determine the most appropriate hearing protection for your specific situation.


I love my work, but I also have to love myself.

Pavel Barta

Industrial Hearing Testing

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